Bible Wines reprint

Unbelievably, my posting on The Christian and His Liquor has been my most popular article. The fact that there is so much interest does not let me know whether the posting is helpful or not. It does however suggest to me that this issue is a hot button in Christian culture.

The source I have found most helpful is Bible Wines by William Patton. It was written in the 1870s at a time when the Temperance Movement was growing in strength. Patton did the research and study that is missing in modern “scholarship” that tries to justify the use of alcohol by innuendo, casting doubts, and taking potshots.

I have prepared a copy of Bible Wines for reprint. Because it is in the public domain you can have the copy for free at these links:

For purchase (
Bible Wines (.pdf for Acrobat)
Bible Wines (.mobi for Kindle)
Bible Wines (.epub for Nook)

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