Shrimp Scampi and Homosexuality

One of the latest arguments in favor of homosexuality is to suggest that Christians are hypocrites for feasting on shrimp, which are an “abomination” while condemning homosexuality because it is an “abomination.”  This is not done to try to understand God. It is just a ploy to argue by innuendo to make people feel foolish for believing in the Bible.

The underlying Hebrew word for abomination with regard to sexual perversity refers to something morally disgusting in society. Furthermore, while certain issues of being unclean applied to Israel identifying as separate and distinct from other nations, perversity as an abomination was something condemned among all nations (see Lev. 18). This included more perversity than just same sex relations. In fact, Leviticus 18 gives rise to getting rid of the tabloids in the checkout line at the supermarket.

The underlying word for abomination with regard to shrimp and other foods indicates that it is dirty or unclean. This was also applied to food for sacrifices that were consumed past an ‘expiration date.’  Prevention Magazine has an excellent article describing  the problems of shrimp being unclean. And PETA weighs in on the issue, too. Although issues of unclean vs. clean and Gentile vs. Jew were dealt with in Acts 10 and 1 Tim 4:4, the Levitical dietary laws are not to be dismissed as arbitrary and irrelevant.

As usual, people will be more interested in playing gotcha than to actually have to read and do some honest study in the Bible.

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